What sources have been used to compile the Company Directorship Index?


The source of almost all of the information used to compile the Gooderson Archive’s Company Directorship Index has been the official records held by Companies House in London, indicated by the letters "CH" in the source information shown on the search results pages. Information about Companies House, together with details of its services and fees, can be found at:


Why do some searches return multiple entries for the same person?


Since the database has been compiled using information from more than one source it is inevitable that multiple entries will occur. Although efforts have been made to eliminate such entries, it is not always possible for the computer system to recognise duplicates, especially if there happens to be only a minute difference between them.


How many records does the database contain?


The database contained several hundred sets of records upon inauguration and will be expanded as soon as additional information becomes available.


Which surnames are covered?


The database currently only covers the surnames Gooderson and Goodison. However, when funds permit, it is hoped to be able to add records for variant surnames including Goodeson and Goodson.


Do any of the records include fax, telephone numbers or e-mail addresses?


No, none were listed in the original records available at Companies House and they are only available in a very small number of those Company Directors records that have been obtained from alternative sources. It was therefore decided not to include them in this section of the Archive.


Why have records for directors of non-UK companies been excluded?


Companies House in London only maintains records concerning directors of companies registered in the United Kingdom. Organisers of the Gooderson Archive currently have no access to similar records for other countries but, if the opportunity arises, records concerning directors of companies registered outside the UK will be added.


How can I find out whether the database contains the names of other people at the same address as the one that I’ve already found?


Unfortunately it has not yet proved possible to provide the facility of searching the database by address.


Why are the Company Directorship records password-protected?


The records are password-protected because they contain personal information (such as the home addresses and dates of birth of directors) which, if available to the general public, could facilitate identity theft.


What does the note "Inactive Principal" indicate?


This note, which sometimes appears in original records, is thought to indicate those directors who, according to the company’s published minutes, habitually fail to attend board meetings or the company’s AGM.


Why do some entries consist only of initials instead of a complete forename?


In most cases these entries have been obtained from a source that does not supply complete forenames and it has not proved possible to obtain the information from any other source.


Can I add a record that appears not to have been included in the database?


Yes, provided that a copy is already on file at Companies House in London. Please send the relevant details by e-mail to:


Why are directors’ home addresses sometimes missing from the records?


Addresses are sometimes withheld for security reasons. This is often the case for directors of companies that supply military equipment to the British government or are involved in the testing of drugs on animals.


Are entries removed from the official register upon the death of a director?


Yes, in theory, but a number of the directors currently recorded in the official register at Companies House are known to have died. However, it has been decided not to delete entries for such deceased directors from the Gooderson Archive, even when they are eventually struck from the register at Companies House. An appropriate note will instead be added to their entries in the Archive database.


Why are some directors shown as having "0" directorships?


The figure zero can appear in the "Number of Directorships" column for a variety of reasons including disqualification, by court order, of the person from holding directorships in any UK company. This can occur if, for example, the person concerned is found to have acted fraudulently or is declared bankrupt.


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