By Ian Gooderson
  Publisher:   Bloomsbury Publishing

Publication Date:   16th June 2008

Place of Publication:   London, UK

Format:   Hardback

Pagination:   352 pages

Genre:   Military History

Subject:   The Italian Campaign in World War 2

Language:   English

ISBN 10:   1844860590

ISBN 13:   9781844860593

Dimensions:   156mm x 234mm

Weight:   777g
Synopsis:   This book, which contains 30 photographs and maps, is a considered analysis of the Allies' italian campaign during the Second World War that places air, land and naval actions in context and, more importantly, shows how the commanders on the battlefield reacted to siutations on the ground.   It is a fine exposition of a combined forces operation in a twentieth-century battle zone.

Author:   Ian Gooderson lectures at the Joint Services Command Staff College in Wiltshire.

Availability:   The Gooderson Archive does not yet hold a copy of this book.
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