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The 1800 federal census included two new states admitted to the Union since 1790: Kentucky, admitted in 1792; and Tennessee, previously the "South-west Territory," admitted in 1796 for a total of 16 states in the Union. In addition, three territories were enumerated for the first time in 1800: Mississippi Territory, created in 1798 from lands obtained in a treaty with Spain; the Northwest Territory, created in 1787 (but not enumerated in 1790); and Indiana Territory, divided from the old Northwest Territory in early 1800. Maine was still a federal court district within the state of Massachusetts; and therefore, Maine had a separate census taken. The District of Columbia was created in 1791 from land ceded by Maryland and Virginia, but its first census of 1800 was taken with Maryland and Virginia.




The 1800 census format included the name of a head of household, the number of free white males and free white females in specific age categories, the name of a slave owner, and number of slaves owned by that person.


Census losses:


1800 district-wide census losses include those for Georgia, Indiana Territory, Kentucky, Mississippi Territory, New Jersey, Northwest Territory, and Tennessee, which have no known substitutes except some isolated tax lists. The 1800 census for Washington County, Northwest Territory (later Ohio), was found among the papers of the New Ohio Company. The papers are now at the Special Collections Department, Marietta College Library, Marietta, Ohio, and microfilmed by the FHL in Salt Lake City. Washington County was about one-third of the population of the old Northwest Territory in 1800. The portion of the District of Columbia included with the Maryland side (Washington County, DC) survives and is part of the Maryland 1800 census. The portion for the Virginia side (Alexandria County, DC) is lost along with all of Virginia for 1800.




The National Archives and Records Administration microfilm for the 1800 census is contained on 52 rolls of 35mm film, series M32.


Gooderson Entries


No records of Goodersons have been found in the surviving parts of the 1800 census.


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