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Two new states were included in the 1840 federal census: Arkansas, admitted in 1836; and Michigan in 1837 bringing the total of states in the Union to twenty-six. Florida Territory was enumerated, as were two new territories: Wisconsin Territory, carved out of the bounds of Michigan Territory in 1836, including part of the area of present-day Minnesota; and Iowa Territory, created from the unorganised territory between the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers in 1838 and a northern area that later became Minnesota and Dakota Territories. The "Indian Territory" was created in 1828 from the western part of Arkansas Territory, but no federal census was taken in that area until 1860.




The 1840 census format included the name of a head of household; the number of free white males and free white females in specific age categories; the name of a slave owner; the number of slaves owned by that person; the number of male and female slaves by age categories; the number of foreigners (not naturalised) in a household; the number of deaf, dumb, and blind persons within a household; the number and age of each person receiving a military pension; and the number of persons attending school.




The National Archives and Records Administration microfilm for the 1840 census is contained on 580 rolls of 35mm film, series M704.


Gooderson Entries


The organisers of the Gooderson Archive have yet to arrange a search of the 1840 census for the surname Gooderson.


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