1st June 1850


General Information


Between 1840 and 1850, five new states were added to the Union: Florida and Texas, both admitted in 1845; Iowa in 1846; Wisconsin in 1848; and California in 1850 bringing the total to thirty-one states. In addition, four new territories were included: Oregon Territory, created in 1848; Minnesota Territory in 1849; and New Mexico Territory and Utah Territory, both created in 1850. No enumeration for the "Unorganised Territory" of the great plains was included in the 1850 census. This area later became all or part of the states of Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, and Oklahoma.




For the first time, the 1850 census schedules listed the name of every person in a household. The census was taken with a census day of 1st June 1850. The categories included the following for each person: name; age as of the census day; sex; colour; birthplace; occupation; value of real estate; whether married within the previous year; whether deaf, dumb, blind, or insane; whether a pauper; whether able to read or speak English; and whether the person attended school within the previous year. No relationships were shown between members of a household.




The National Archives and Records Administration microfilm for the 1850 census is contained on 1,009 rolls of 35mm film, series M432, including free schedules and slave schedules.


Gooderson Entries


The organisers of the Gooderson Archive have yet to arrange a search of the 1850 census to be made for the surname Gooderson.


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