1st June 1880


General Information


Only one new state was admitted to the Union between 1870 and 1880 (Colorado in 1876) bringing the total to thirty-eight states. Eight territories were enumerated: Arizona, Dakota, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming territories. Unorganised Alaska was enumerated, but the "Indian Territory" was not enumerated for non-Indians.




The 1880 census schedules listed the name of every person in a household with a census day of 1st June 1880. The categories included the following for each person: name and age as of the census day; month of birth if born during the year; relationship to the head of house; sex; colour; birthplace; occupation; marital status; whether married within the previous year; whether temporarily or permanently disabled; whether crippled, maimed, or deformed; time unemployed during the census year; whether deaf, dumb, blind, or insane; whether able to read or write; birthplace of father and mother; and whether the person attended school within the previous year.




The National Archives and Records Administration microfilm for the 1880 census is contained on 1,454 rolls of 35mm film, series T9.


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