1st April 1930


General Information


Under the "72-year rule", the population schedules of the 1930 census were not released to the public by the US National Archives and Records Administration until the year 2002. Consequently much work remains to be done before the contents can be of much use to genealogists and family historians. Several organisations have commenced indexing projects but these will undoubtedly take a number of years to complete.




The 1930 population census schedule has the categories of Place of Abode: listing the street number, avenue, or road, and family numbers in order of visitation; Name: listing the surname, first name and middle initial of each person as of 1st April 1930; Relation: listing the relationship of each person to the homemaker (indicated with "H"); Home Data; listing whether the home was owned or rented, the value of the home or monthly rental, whether the home had a radio set, and whether the family lived on a farm; Personalí Description: listing the personís sex, colour or race, coded to indicate White (W), Negro (Neg), Mexican (Mex), Indian (In), Chinese (Ch), or Japanese (Jp), age at last birthday, marital status, and the personís age at first marriage; Education: listing whether the person attended school or college any time since 1st September 1929; Place of birth: listing the place of birth (without abbreviation) of each person enumerated and of his or her parents, distinguishing Canada-French from Canada-English, and Irish Free State from Northern Ireland; Mother Tongue (or Native Language) of Foreign Birth: listing the language spoken in the personís home before coming to the United States and codes to indicate the mother tongue, country, and nativity; Citizenship, Etc.: listing the personís year of immigration to the U.S., indicating whether naturalised (Na), alien (Al), or first papers filed (Pa), and whether able to speak English; Occupation and Industry: listing the personís trade or profession or particular kind of work; industry or business, and whether an employer (E), wage or salary worker (W), working on own account (O), or an unpaid worker, as a member of the family (NP); Employment: listing whether the person was actually at work on 31 March 1930, and if not, the line number on the unemployment schedule; Veterans: listing whether the person was a veteran of U.S. military or naval forces, and codes to indicate a war in which the person served: World War (WW), Spanish-American War (Sp), Civil War (Civ), Philippine Insurrection (Phil), Boxer Rebellion (Box), or Mexican Expedition (Mex); and finally if the person lived on a farm, the number on the farm schedule.




The 1930 census was microfilmed in the early 1940s after which the original census schedules were destroyed.


Gooderson Entries


Although the organisers of the Gooderson Archive have yet to find any entries for the Gooderson surname, this situation will no doubt change as soon as a significant number of the schedules have been indexed.


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