Wednesday, 24th August 2011
The Gooderson Archive's United Kingdom Census search engine (first introduced in 2004) has now been replaced by a much-improved version offering a number of new facilities.

Searches now automatically include known alternative spellings for each forename specified, together with any commonly used nicknames. For example, search results for the forename "Elizabeth" will also include "Betty" and "Lizzie" etc.

All Household pages now feature line-numbering information and a shaded bar has been provided to highlight the entry concerning the person for whom the search was made.

Descriptive headings have now been provided on all search results pages, clarity has been improved by anchoring the backgrounds, page linkage choices have been expanded in order to make it easier to navigate the system and all images have now been completely re-scanned in high definition so that they can be enlarged by simply clicking upon them.

In addition to these improvements, the number of records has been increased and those for the 1901 census now include the King and the Royal household at Windsor Castle in which (following the death of Queen Victoria a few weeks earlier) Hannah Gooderson was then resident as a servant!
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