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Does anyone have any Gooderson family members living in the Canterbury Kent area in the early 1800s?

[Message posted by Lorraine Birch on 11th May 2010]

Any relatives of Youngman Gooderson, the artist, please contact me.

[Message posted by Richard Gooderson on 27th April 2010]

I am searching for information on Matthew/Mathias Gooderson, who's daughter Louisa married George Birch at St Mary's Newington, Surrey, England in 1838. George, Louisa and their four children emigrated to New Zealand in 1858, settling in Wellington.

[Message posted by Lorraine Birch on 9th November 2005]

I am searching for information about the children of Amelia Gooderson and Joseph Pescud, who married in Croydon, England in the year 1887. Their children were Violet, Percy, Alic, Gilbert and an un-named child. I would like any information regarding these, no matter how small.

[Message posted by Mark Pescud on 24th March 2004]

Iím researching the family of my great-grandfather Thomas Gooderson, thought to have been born in the 1850s, who served for nine years with the army in India. He was head gamekeeper on the Bathurst Estate where he or his father owned a pub called the Rose and Crown. He and his wife Agnes were featured in a 1930ís newspaper article as the oldest living couple in Marham, Norfolk and I would appreciate any information regarding them or their ancestors.

[Message posted by Diane Tucker on 18th December 2003]

Is anyone able to confirm that Cyril Gooderson, who was born in 1901, had a mother named Fanny and that she married Thomas Gooderson, a cobbler and postman of Marham, Norfolk who died in 1918.

[Message posted by Rodney Gooderson on 30th November 2003]

Can anyone help me to identify the parents of John Gooderson, a farmer who was born about the year 1790? He married Mrs. Ann Harpley (née Dye) at Marham in Norfolk on 9th January 1812 and they had seven children Ė twins William and Robert (1812), Harriet (1815), Thomas (1817), James (1819), Ann (1823) and Robert (1825). John died at Marham on 5th March 1864 and his wife died there in 1871 at the age of 92.

[Message posted by Joan Peebles on 26th October 2003]

Iím researching my fatherís family and would like any information linked to the family of Mary Gooderson who married John Ames at Long Sutton in Lincolnshire on 25th December 1830. John, who was born in 1801, was buried at Long Sutton in 1875 but little is known about Mary other than the fact that she and John had at least ten children.

[Message posted by Michelle Mundy on 18th October 2003]

I have come across three "Goodersons" in my family tree and am wondering if anyone has any information about them. The Census records and IGI confirm that my 4xGreat-Grandmother Jane Gooderson (born 1796) married William Stainton (born 1794). According to the IGI, Jane was the daughter of John Gooderson (born 1753) who married Mary Collingwood in 1775 and John appears to be the son of Elizabeth Gooderson. They are all listed in the Spilsby district of Lincolnshire, which would place them in one of the villages or towns in the Spilsby, Skegness or Wainfleet areas.

[Message posted by Richard Wright on 4th October 2003]

I am researching Ernest James Gooderson who was born in Hendon, Middlesex, England in March 1878 and died in December 1953 at Roxbourne Hospital in Harrow, Middlesex. He married Emmeline Mabel Bath, commonly known as Mabel. He was a signaller in the 1914-1918 War and a builder by trade. Any further information on him and his family would be very welcome.

[Message posted by David Bath on 30th August 2003]

I am searching for the birth or christening of John Gooderson, a Farmer in East Walton, Norfolk, England, who was probably born about the year 1757. He later married Mary Swingle in 1788. His parents were Thomas and Mary (née Clarke or Baker). The birth may have taken place in Pentney or Castle Acre or nearby. There is a possibility that he was the illegitimate son of Mary.

[Message posted by John Gooderson on 27th August 2003]

Iím researching Lizzie Gooderson, who was born in Wainfleet (near Skegness), Lincolnshire, England on the 18th April 1873, the daughter of George Johnson Gooderson and his wife Margery (née Atkinson). She married a man named Frederick William Campion some time between the years 1894 and 1897 but I'm not sure exactly when. If anyone could tell me anything more about either her or her parents I would be most grateful.

[Message posted by Kim Kitson on 24th August 2003]

If anyone is researching the siblings or the antecedents of Matthew Gooderson, a Corn and Flour Factor of 302 Commercial Road East, Middlesex, who died in 1877, I would be very pleased to hear from them.

[Message posted by Roy Rayment on 24th August 2003]

I have added another name to my line, that of Gooderson or Goodeson (Iím not 100 per cent sure which, although I think the former). My great-grandfather was Newton Watts and he married a woman by the name of Ann Gooderson or Goodeson who was born at Marham in Norfolk, England about the year 1851. If anyone has a connection with them, or any information about them, I would much appreciate receipt of the details.

[Message posted by Steve Merrick on 24th August 2003]

I am seeking details of the marriage of Robert Gooderson to Ann Houssman, both of whom are shown on the 1841 census of Middlesex, England as having been born outside of the county. There is evidence to suggest that they were married at sometime during the period 1818 to 1820 but I should very much like to know exactly when and where.

[Message posted by Fred Ludlam on 24th August 2003]

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