How it Started


Roy Rayment, a retired Telecommunications Technical Officer living in London, England, began by researching the surname Gooderson (his maternal grandmother’s maiden name) in the 1960s, following the gift from his mother of an old family bible that had been handed down to her as the family’s eldest daughter.


Roy’s interest gradually developed into a full-scale One-Name Study, which he registered with the Guild of One-Name Studies in 1998. As the study progressed it became apparent that the surnames Goodeson, Goodinson, Goodison and Goodisson were most probably connected with the surname Gooderson and so Roy also began collecting information about these.


The Goodison Archive first appeared on-line on 1st January 2008, following Roy’s registration of the surname Goodison (together with variants Goodeson and Goodinson) at the Guild of One-Name Studies on 26th December 2007. Although the website is very much in its infancy, with much work remaining to be done, Roy hopes that others with an interest in the surnames will come forward with more information or offers of help with the necessary research.




The costs of all of the research necessary to carry on the Goodison and Variants One-Name Study and the costs of providing and maintaining the Archive, together with its associated website, are borne entirely by Roy Rayment from a small pension.


However, if anyone bearing one of the surnames ever become a millionaire, perhaps they might like to consider making a small donation in order to facilitate even more research!


Future Development


Plans are in hand to computerise several existing sets of records and to start a number of new research projects. Among these are research into Boyd’s Marriage Index, Burials, Census returns (1841-1901), Ecclesiastical probate (1450-1857), Medal awards, Official Notices, Scottish birth, marriage and death records (1855-date) and War Graves.


It is also hoped to start a photo gallery and a regular research bulletin, provided there is enough interest in these.


How to help


The best way of helping to expand the Archive is simply to send copies of any relevant documents or old family photos. Copies of birth, marriage, death and adoption certificates are particularly welcome, as are inscriptions from family bibles and funeral cards. Any information, no matter how small, about the various branches of the Goodeson, Goodinson, Goodison and Goodisson families is always more than welcome!


Contacting the Archive Organiser


Owing to continued abuse by spammers, all e-mail addresses have now been removed from the parts of this website that are available to the general public. However, full details of how to contact us can be found by clicking here.


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