In the High Court of Justice

The Principal Probate Registry


BE IT KNOWN that Herbert Gooderson of Hurlingham Lodge Hurlingham Road London S.W.6.


died there on the 23rd day of February 1955


Intestate a bachelor without parent


AND BE IT FURTHER KNOWN that at the date hereunder written Letters of Administration of all the estate which by law devolves to and vests in the personal representative of the said intestate were granted by the High Court of Justice at the Principal Probate Registry thereof to


Mabel Ruth Mace of 9 Lurgan Avenue London W.6. married woman the lawful sister of the whole blood and one of the persons entitled to share in the estate of the said intestate


And it is hereby certified that an Inland Revenue affidavit has been delivered wherein it is shown that the gross value of the said estate in Great Britain

(exclusive of what the said deceased may have been possessed of or entitled to as a trustee and not beneficially) amounts to 167 19 4


Dated the 13th day of April 1955






Extracted by the administratrix


[Transcribed by Roy C. Rayment]


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