Wills & Admons

  1660 Goodson, Henry Scarning, Norfolk
  1676 Goodson, James Scarning, Norfolk
  1767 Gotterson, William Grimston, Norfolk
  1768 Gotterson, John Dersingham, Norfolk
  1771 Gooderson, John Pentney, Norfolk
  1860 Gooderson, Edward Grantham, Lincolnshire
  1860 Gooderson, John Norwich, Norfolk
  1860 Gooderson, William Grantham, Lincolnshire
  1864 Gooderson, John Marham, Norfolk
  1870 Gooderson, Henry Spittlegate, Lincolnshire
  1876 Gooderson, William Maiden Newton, Dorset
  1877 Gooderson, Matthew Middlesex
  1879 Gooderson, John Croft, Lincolnshire
  1881 Gooderson, James Croydon, Surrey
  1881 Gooderson, Mary Lynn, Norfolk
  1888 Gooderson, Marianne Heigham, Norfolk
  1889 Gooderson, Elizabeth Wandsworth, Surrey
  1890 Gooderson, James Tollington Park, Middlesex
  1891 Gooderson, John Pimlico, Middlesex
  1895 Gooderson, Fanny Great Bircham, Norfolk
  1896 Gooderson, Joseph William Harrow, Middlesex
  1897 Gooderson, Alfred Mile End, Middlesex
  1898 Gooderson, Eliza Maiden Newton, Dorset
  1903 Gooderson, Thomas Marham, Norfolk
  1903 Gooderson, William Wainfleet, Lincolnshire
  1904 Gooderson, Caroline Maiden Newton, Dorset
  1909 Gooderson, Elizabeth Harrow, Middlesex
  1910 Gooderson, Arthur James Robert Westminster and Middlesex
  1913 Gooderson, Henrietta Mary Enfield, Middlesex
  1915 Gooderson, Henry Enfield, Middlesex
  1915 Gooderson, Thomas Alexander Edmonton, Middlesex
  1917 Gooderson, Arthur George Harrow, Middlesex
  1919 Gooderson, Selina Elizabeth Mile End, Middlesex
  1924 Gooderson, Mary Anne Reading, Berkshire
  1928 Gooderson, Arthur Wallace Brazil
  1929 Gooderson, George Edward Reading, Berkshire
  1930 Gooderson, George Herbert Harrow, Middlesex
  1931 Gooderson, Ellen Reading, Berkshire
  1931 Gooderson, Francis Henbury, Gloucestershire
  1933 Gooderson, John Reading, Berkshire
  1934 Gooderson, Matthew Sidney Streatham, London SW16
  1935 Gooderson, Arthur Birmingham, Warwickshire
  1937 Gooderson, Arthur Herbert Northampton, Northamptonshire
  1937 Gooderson, Selina Harrow, Middlesex
  1938 Gooderson, George Herbert Harrow, Middlesex
  1940 Gooderson, Sarah Leeds, Yorkshire
  1940 Gooderson, Sarah Kirkstall, Yorkshire
  1941 Gooderson, Hannah Maria [adm] Clapham, London
  1941 Gooderson, Hannah Maria [will] Clapham, London
  1941 Gooderson, Wallace Charles London EC3
  1942 Gooderson, Amy Ellen Norwich, Norfolk
  1947 Gooderson, Mary Ann Midville, Lincolnshire
  1948 Gooderson, John Henry Reading, Berkshire
  1950 Gooderson, Clarice Mary Penzance, Cornwall
  1950 Gooderson, Florence Scarborough, Yorkshire
  1950 Gooderson, Frederick Victor Middleton Stoney, Oxfordshire
  1952 Gooderson, Frederick Louis Portsmouth, Hampshire
  1954 Gooderson, Ernest James [adm] Harrow, Middlesex
  1954 Gooderson, Ernest James [will] Harrow, Middlesex
  1954 Gooderson, John Truro, Cornwall
  1955 Gooderson, Herbert London SW6
  1956 Gooderson, John Thomas Buxted, Sussex
  1957 Gooderson, Elizabeth Ruth Streatham, London
  1958 Gooderson, Emmeline Mabel Harrow, Middlesex
  1959 Gooderson, Charlotte Ruislip, Middlesex
  1959 Gooderson, Kathleen Mabel Abberley, Worcestershire
  1959 Gooderson, Winifred Lucy Croydon, Surrey
  1960 Gooderson, Amy Foxton, Cambridgeshire
  1960 Gooderson, Emily Seymour Reading, Berkshire
  1960 Gooderson, Phebe Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire
  1961 Gooderson, Eliza Holland-on-Sea, Essex
  1961 Gooderson, William Edward Guildford, Surrey
  1962 Gooderson, Willie Wainfleet St Marys, Lincolnshire
  1963 Gooderson, Edward Horace Swindon, Wiltshire
  1963 Gooderson, Eric Norman Woodmansterne, Surrey
  1964 Gooderson, Harriet Phoebe Louisa Marham, Norfolk
  1964 Gooderson, William Charles Abberley, Worcestershire
  1965 Gooderson, Albert Dukinfield, Cheshire
  1966 Gooderson, Alice Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire
  1966 Gooderson, Harry Freiston, Lincolnshire
  1966 Gooderson, William Burnham, Buckinghamshire
  1967 Gooderson, Alma Knighton, Leicestershire

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