Palmer’s INDEX to the Times (List of Gooderson entries)
The Hull Packet, 25-4-1845 (Elizabeth Gooderson)
The Times, 6-1-1855 (Emma Brownfield Gooderson)*
The Times, 14-5-1858 (Florence Gooderson)*
The Times, 9-4-1861 (Thomas Y. Gooderson)
The Daily News, 21-1-1867 (John Gooderson)
The Times, 7-11-1873 (Gooderson)
The Times, 4-12-1903 (Wallace Charles Gooderson)*
The Times, 23-3-1910 (A. J. R. Gooderson)*
Unknown Newspaper, 1931 (Thomas Gooderson)
The Times, 19-4-1937 (Arthur Herbert Gooderson)*
The Times, 21-9-1938 (R. N. Gooderson)
The Times, 26-10-1938 (R. N. Gooderson)
The Times, 30-8-1940 (Miss Hannah Gooderson)
The Times, 13-7-1949 (William Dennis Gooderson)
The Times, 8-1-1953 (Pauline Frances Gooderson)*
The Times, 4-12-1967 (David Richard Gooderson)*
The Times, 18-10-1969 (Tessa Jane Gooderson)*
The Times, 19-7-1972 (Frances Mary Gooderson)*
The Times, 8-10-1973 (John B. Gooderson)
The Times, 31-1-1975 (David Gooderson)
The Times, 11-10-1978 (Philip J. Gooderson)*
The Times, 15-1-1980 (Suzanne J. Gooderson)*
The Times, 28-3-1981 (Richard Norman Gooderson)*
The Times, 27-3-1982 (Rachel Catharine Gooderson)*
Lancashire Evening Telegraph, 13-4-2001 (Paul Gooderson)
Bury Times, 12-7-2002 (Maryse and Philip Gooderson)
The Northern Echo, 8-5-2003 (David Gooderson)
Wrexham Evening Leader, 7-9-2004 (Stephen Gooderson)
Lynn News, 30-5-2006 (Duncan Gooderson)
The Independent, 6-10-2006 (Matt Gooderson)
Lynn News, 20-10-2006 (Nancy Gooderson)*
Lynn News, 26-10-2006 (Ellen Gooderson)
Birmingham Mail, 12-10-2014 (Philip Gooderson)
Skegness Standard, 12-9-2015 (Bob and Dawn Gooderson)
Kent News, 28-3-2017 (Roy Gooderson)
* An asterisk denotes a plain announcement of birth, marriage or death.
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